Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on Jake

He's doing well! He has a new name "Jakob" (with a k not c), which is the German spelling. I changed it in the previous post to reflect this new name, and his middle name has switched to Mitchell. Now, they both get it their way. Alice wanted Jake and Kibby wanted Mitch. Everybody's happy with this new name, and I can stop referring to him as Weenus. Incidentally, I didn't know what Weenus meant, and Billy informed me that Wiener + Penis = Weenus. Good stuff.

Jake is supposed to come home tomorrow. Alice was released but stayed in a "transition" room at the hospital. This is where the place parents that have babies in the NICU the night before releasing the baby.

Alice decided not to have her tubes tied with the c-section. Baby Wager #3 may be just around the corner!! My poor dad already is maxed out with his babysitting responsibilities. How is he going to keep up with this baby boom???

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