Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Camera

Good news! We got a new camera which means you'll get to see new pictures. Yay!

Here's Marie cruising around with her sunglasses and a giant bag of Goldfish snacks in her hands. That's why Winnie is sticking close to her. She knows Marie will throw a few her way. Either that, or Winnie will steal them in transit from Marie's hand to her mouth.

Abby is quite a little helper. Here she is cleaning up a spill. Well, she probably made the mess, but oh well.

Will is demonstrating his sign for "cold" here.

Marie got a new haircut courtesy of Aunt Vivian and Rose. Rose sprayed Marie's hair with water, and Vivian did the chopping. I think it looks quite cute. We are going for more of a bob look, instead of the whole crazy bowl cut she was sporting. Watch out, next it's highlights. :) Kidding, of course. She would look good with some blond streaks....

Everyone is running, climbing, and jumping these days. Therefore, we are ending up with lots of injuries. You can see in this picture that Will's face is a bit banged up. He took a tumble in the driveway.

Marie had a much more tragic fall. Little Bear fell off a chair and chipped a tooth. She also ended up with a swollen mouth for a couple of days that had her looking like a little monkey. We had to take her to a pediatric dentist to have the chipped tooth filed down and get it x-rayed. She was not thrilled about that at all. Now, one of her little front teeth is smaller than the other. She looks like a little redneck baby. So sad. Maybe we should let her grow out a mullet, instead of a bob? We have to go back in 6-8 weeks and have the x-ray repeated to assess the damage. If there is bad nerve damage, she may need a baby root canal! Let's hope it's not that bad.

We took a quick trip to Home Depot the other night, and the girls wanted to look good while cruising in their car shopping carts. They are sporting their hats and sunglasses.

Will would not settle for a regular cart, and we had to push a second one of those huge shopping carts that was impossible to maneuver for just one child. Oh well, we couldn't leave him out of the driving fun. Well, if it was up to Billy, he would not have had that cart, but I convinced him it wasn't fair. You owe me, Mr. Willers.

Michele prepared juice pops for them a couple of days. They enjoy them sitting at their triplet table on hot afternoons.

All of children are now cross dressers. It used to be that Will wanted to put on the girls' clothes, but now, Abby and Marie want to wear his clothes. You can't really tell in this picture, but Abby is wearing Will's truck pajamas. That same night, Marie insisted on wearing his train pajamas. Will was very confused when he saw the girls in his jammies, but we saved him his monkey p.j.s, which are his favorite, so he didn't really pitch a fit.

Hope you enjoyed the update!

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