Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I'm a little late on the patriotic pics, but here it goes....

Not patriotic, but Abby is modeling her newest Dora swim suit with the matching sarong. Thank you Tibus Family for such great fashions!

We met Abby and Marmie at Outback Steakhouse for dinner on July 4th. Abby is pissed that we are running late in this picture. Check out her bottom lip. She was holding Mems' Blackberry when we arrived, and she got so excited when she saw us that she spiked it on the ground. Whoops!
After dinner, we went to Bruster's for ice cream. They all sat on this bench and ate their vanilla ice cream cones. It was a bit messy but fun!

When we got home, the girls decided it was time for some 4th of July streaking. They ripped off their clothes and ran around the front yard. This was very white trash of us to allow our children to run naked in front of our home. Will was very civilized and kept his clothes on.

Here is Will demonstrating some break dancing moves. Go white boy, go white boy!

Marie has on her oven mitt and is ready to get something out of the toy kitchen. They put this mitt on and say, "hot!"

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