Monday, September 20, 2010

DIY Potty Training

Marie recently decided she would like to be potty trained, and the others are following her lead. I have done NOTHING to deserve this. Yes, they occasionally go pee-pee on their little potties, and I cheer for them, but I haven't really pushed any more than that. We've had no rewards for going potty, no punishment for accidents, no real potty-training. They were still in diapers...until the rebellion happened.

Last Thursday morning, Marie would not let Michele put a diaper on her in the morning. Billy had bought a pack of pull-ups a couple of weeks ago, as we started thinking we may potty train at some point. Michele tried sitting her on the potty, and she peed. Then, she put one of the pull-ups on her, and Marie was thrilled. She proceeded to pee in the potty all morning long--like 6 times, and have dry pull-up until lunchtime. Crazy! Will and Abby also wanted these big girl/boy pants, and they also peed in the potty all morning. They had a couple of accidents, but hey, I can't complain.

We have kept it up most of the weekend, but it was a little difficult because the kids "traveled." Will spent Saturday night at my dad's. Marie was off to Rose's house, and it was "Abby's turn, Mimi's house," as they like to say. They took their potty seats and pull ups, and tried to keep it up, but with all the distractions at different houses, it was hard for them to concentrate.

Marie and Rose in matching princess dresses. Rose much prefers to have the girls visit and spend the night because they can partake in girly activities. However, Will is also game for all things girly, much to his dad's chagrin.

Abby got her turn at the mall playground this weekend. Mimi took her shopping at the Disney store and to play. She also got this fancy new outfit. So spoiled!

I don't have one of Will to share. Sorry!

The reason for all the baby shuffling was that Billy and I had a date night. We got to enjoy a dinner out and a comedy show at the Tabernacle--not to mention a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Ahhh! Date nights are not overrated.

I think we'll do another week of pull-ups and then transition to underwear. I have no idea how this all works since I hadn't really researched it, and I'm basically just following their lead. How is it possible that three two-year-olds can potty train themselves?

I e-mailed my family and told them about this latest development, and this was Liane's response:

"Hmm, I'm curious if this keeps up or is just a fad for today! If it works though then I'm totally jealous and think it's not at all fair you didn't have to deal with the whole disaster. You suck!"

I wrote her back and informed her that it's not my fault she gave me all the genius eggs she had.

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