Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exhausting Long Labor Day Weekend

What ever happened to relaxing long weekends? Sleeping in. Hanging out with friends. Drinking beer. Ah, the good ole days. You know what happened to those days? KIDS! Now we spend our weekends running them around and keeping them entertained. This weekend was exceptionally insane.

On Thursday evening, Titi arrived and we played outside way past bedtime. When we got inside, they were jacked up, and it took a while to get them all to sleep. Once they finally zonked out, we had dinner with Titi and Pop-pop Bill. Will now calls him Pop-pop BEEEL, and my dad is Papa Lando (dad's name is Rolando--doesn't exactly roll off the tongue).

On Friday, I had to work. It was pretty slow, and most folks were going to be out of the office so I worked from home. That gave me the opportunity to sleep an extra few minutes in the morning. Glorious! At lunch, we ran the kids over to the park for a little while, and Titi met us there.

We got up bright and early on Saturday morning to go to Centennial Olympic Park for ESPN’s Game Day. The whole family got all dressed up and headed out to watch Kirk Herbstreit (and those other guys) do their reporting from the scene. Billy will make me add that Erin Andrews was also there. We got a tour of their big bus, and I took a picture of Kirk’s monogrammed shirt. I’m such a dork! Teri also liked Kirk and thought about holding up a sign with her phone number, but I told her I thought he was married. Oh well.

The kids just ran around and acted all cute the whole time. They were more entertaining than the Game Day stuff.

Here we are on the Game Day tour bus! Abby looks really excited to be there, right? The guy taking our picture kept asking if we wanted another because everyone wasn't looking. Seriously dude, we'd be here all day if we were waiting for that! We'll take what we can get.

Here's Kirk's shirt. He's so dreamy! This picture is borderline stalker. He might file a restraining order against me. Then, he would know that I existed. Success!!
Here we are on the stand watching the Game Day set.

Running in circles...their favorite activity.
Abby is doing her push-ups to warm up for all the cheering.

From there, we had lunch at Chick-fil-A, and then headed home for naps. After naps, we went over to Marmie’s for a Zeigler family dinner. The kids ran all around and had lots of fun there. Marie was very concerned when we all went home because she thought it was “Marie’s turn. Mimi’s house.” They talk about who’s turn it is going to be all week. It was her turn this weekend, but not until the following evening.

The family that cheers for the Dawgs together, stays together!!!

Taking turns riding and pushing the bicycle (bikey, as Will calls it).

When it's not Will's turn on the bikey, he isn't exactly thrilled.

When we put them to sleep, Billy went to visit some friends at Lake Lanier and returned very late! The kids were up and running around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday so Billy was not a happy camper. So sorry, Mr. Party Animal.

Sunday, we went to a birthday party at Gymboree from 11-12:30, and then, we went to Alice’s for lunch. From there, we came home for naps. Oh wait, Abby fell asleep after the party and slept at Alice’s house. So, Will and Marie napped at home, but Abby was up. Therefore, she came with me to the grocery store. That was good quality mommy and me time. After naps, Mimi came to get Marie for her “turn.” She was so excited! Then, Mimi held Will, and Marie thought she was going to be skipped and pitched a fit. Poor little girl! Mimi took Marie away with Will crying at the window. Poor little guy! There's always so much drama!

Will didn’t cry for long because we whisked him and Abby away to the lake to visit friends. They were so excited to the “agua” and “barcos” (boats) and “otro barco” (other boat), and “otro barco”….this went on and on every time a boat went by. The house where we were sits up on a hill, and to get to the water, there is a steep decline, and to get back up, it’s a rough climb…lots of stairs. Well, Abby and Will decided they were going to walk all the way back up. With every step she took, Abby would say, “OH, GAAA.” It was hilarious.

They fell asleep on the way back, and we transferred them into their cribs. Will woke up crying around 6, and I put him in our bed. He fell right back to sleep. Abby got up around 7, and since Marie wasn’t home, I took her in Marie’s room, also the guest room, and we got back in bed. She went right back to sleep also. Will ended up sleeping until 8:15 or 8:30 with Billy, and Miss Abby and I did not emerge from our room until 8:45. It was wonderful!!! I haven't slept that late in ages.

So, Monday morning, we headed out to the zoo. It was hot, but they had a good time. We saw two other sets of triplets there and twins galore! Marie missed all of our animal adventures, but she got to have her own fun with Marmie. She doesn't look too sad in these pictures at the mall playground does she?

Now, it’s back to our regular life. Oh, gaaaaa.

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