Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Trio Loves Rose!

Rose came over on Sunday morning to play for a while. She was given lots of options for where she could hang out for a while when Vivian was running, and she selected the "triplets' house." Vivian says it's because she feels like she's in charge of them and just bosses them around. She can't do that with the other cousins.

Well, I was helping Abby in the bathroom that morning, and when I came out, I found Marie and Will just staring at Rose. She was oblivious to their stares. She just watched TV like it was perfectly normal to be observed by two toddlers in shirts and underwear.

I also wanted to post an individual shot of each child today. I'm trying not to call them "babies" anymore. They are toddlers now!

Little Marie still loves to suck that thumb!

Here's Will in his Beatles shirt playing with his instruments. It's more like banging the crap out of them, but I'll be generous and say he's making music.

Finally, our little clown, Abby. This child is constantly oozing personality, but it's one extreme or the other. She's either over the top happy and silly, or she's ridiculously upset. You don't want to see her upset.

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