Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweep Marie under the rug

Marie is definitely our most independent child. She likes to do everything herself, and she's very set in her ways/into routines. Billy says she's her mother's child. I've been known to be a bit inflexible. Okay, stubborn.

Well, part of Marie's independent nature involves being able to keep herself entertained. Many times, she'll play quietly by herself with toys or books.

This past weekend, we had dinner with friends at their house. While their son and Abby played riding around the first floor in race cars at full speed, Marie was quietly hanging out in the play area. I was worried that she was too quiet so I went to check on her.

Apparently, she decided to make herself a little bed out of the no-skid pad under the rug. There were toys all over the room, and this is what she decides to play with. Crazy child!

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