Monday, September 20, 2010

Popsicle Faces

Since summer is wrapping up, we won't get many more of these photo opps. I figured I should post their popsicle faces while they are still eating them! They like to show off their tongues when they eat them because they think it's funny that their whole mouths turn the color of the popsicle.
Marie bites her popsicles and finishes them quickly. Hers don't even have time to melt.

Will takes his time with his popsicle, and by the time he starts biting it, half of it has melted all over him. After two or three bites, he gives up on it and tries to offer it back to me. Usually, Marie will volunteer to take the leftovers and eat them up!

Abby licks her popsicles until they are pointy at the top. Is she trying to make a shiv? By this time, they have melted all over her. Again, she tries to give away her popsicle at this point, and Marie is a willing taker.

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