Saturday, September 11, 2010

The kitchen counter

They all think they are big kids now and like to sit at the kitchen counter to eat their meals. They are especially fond of cereal and milk in the mornings at the counter. I can see this becoming a weekend tradition. Mommy will make pancakes and eggs on Saturday morning, while all 3 kids sit at the counter.
Daddy likes to sit at the counter with the girls. As you can see, Marie is all about saying "cheese," but Abby is way more into her cereal!

Abby working away at her cereal. By the way, she is currently obsessed with orange. A "naranja" is an orange in Spanish, and the color orange is "anaranjado." Abby will say, "narana" whenever we get out bowls, spoons, cups, etc. She must have orange!!! Billy is upset that this may carry into her clothing choices, which will be terrible during football season. We can't have anyone wearing narana around here on a Saturday in the fall. No way!!

Here is Will at the counter. We only had 2 stools there, but Billy just bought a third this weekend. We quickly realized that the sharing wasn't working out well.
After stool time, they like to relax on the kitchen floor with our 4th child, Winnie.

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