Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Check out this belly!

Many of you have asked me to post some new pictures, and now you have them. They are scary! The first one is of me in bed with Winnie monitoring my contractions. The thing hooked up around my belly is my contraction belt. The second picture is of my massive belly when I'm standing. We took the picture last week, and I'm probably already bigger. I also noticed that I'm getting "fat face" after I looked at the picture. When I wake up in the morning, I usually have "hot dog" fingers from the swelling, and it's only a matter of time before the cankles go into full force. The days of having just a cute little belly are over...the ugly part of pregnancy is setting in.

I went to the ob yesterday and my total weight gain to date is 36 lbs. I'm supposed to gain another 14 lbs in the next 5 weeks. That is going to be rough. I feel like I'm about to burst already. Where will I put another 14 lbs? It better not be on my face.

I think Abby may have flipped over again to be head down because I feel pressure in my nether-regions again that I wasn't feeling when she was breech. I'm amazed that she has enough space to be able to flip around in there at this point.

I could tell she was trying to flip a few nights ago by all of her movements. She was really pissing Will (her closest neighbor) off, and he was fighting back whenever she would try to move around. I would also shake my belly to try to keep her from doing it, but I don't think our efforts paid off. We'll know for sure how she's positioned next Tuesday when I go for an ultrasound.

We spent some time by the pool over the Memorial Day weekend. No, I didn't wear a bikini...I didn't even wear a bathing suit. I just sat out by the pool fully clothed in some of the few maternity clothes that still actually fit me on Sunday and watched Winnie go for a swim. On Monday, we enjoyed a cookout with some of the sisters and steps, along with nieces and nephews. It was fun to get out for a while, even if all I did was sit around. At least I got some more human interaction.

Billy and I also spent a lot of time watching the Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon that was on TLC this weekend. It helps us prepare ourselves for the life we have ahead of us, but it also calms us since they have 5 more children than we will have!

My contractions remain under control, and my cervix is still closed. Things are looking good!

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Jamie said...

Leslie, you look great...I mean that. I think you're doing amazing with your triplet pregnancy...honestly I'm in awe. Keep up the good work. And believe me, I know I had one baby compared to your three, but even when you feel like you can't possibly get any bigger or gain anymore weight, somehow it happens (and it's good for the babies, right?). :-)