Thursday, September 25, 2008


Alice wanted the records to indicate that it was my dad who fed the babies off schedule on Sunday when I went to the grocery store. She said that soon after I left, Marie started crying, and my dad said, "That's Marie's hungry cry. We have to feed her." Alice said she tried to talk him off the ledge, but he wanted to feed the babies.

I can believe it because one night when he was helping with the babies, Marie had a particularly long eating spree. She drank 4 ozs from her bottle, and I poured her another ounce after that because she still seemed hungry. When her brother and sister wrapped up, they each had close to an ounce in their bottles. Dad saw the bottles and said, "Leftovers? Marie loves leftovers." He fed her those bottles too. She was in a total milk coma so he decided to take her up to bed.

After about 10 minutes, dad came downstairs and asked where I keep the sheets for the cribs. I asked him why, and it turned out that Marie had barfed her guts out when she got in bed. She couldn't handle it all, but she just kept eating.

I thought babies were supposed to have a shut off valve when they were full. My babies definitely don't have that. They would all eat until they puked if I let them.

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