Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm a bad blogger

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I'm constantly being reminded of how many people read my blog, and many of you check it daily for updates. I've been letting you guys down so let me try to get you up to speed.

First, a big shout out to my peeps in Philly that follow the blog. The Zeigler fam was there last weekend for a wedding, and they were told over and over that we had quite a fan base in the area. Thanks for keeping up with our adventures!

Here are some pictures and updates....
Here are the littlest dawg fans in our house. Do you see future cheerleaders? Marie is already saying, "We're #1" with her finger.

Daddy is tired and sleeping with the girls. Notice how he has his mouth open like Abby's. My secret strategy for not feeling as tired is to never try to add up how little sleep I get at night. I just tell myself I got at least 5 hours, even though I NEVER do.

Carley loves the babies. Here she is in bed with Will and Abby. Abby doesn't look too happy. Carley likes to say, "Babies go night-night with me."

Funny side story: Rose started school at Mount Vernon last week, and they were telling her that Show & Tell would begin the following Wednesday. All kids were asked to plan to take something to school that started with the letter "A." When Vivian asked Rose what she planned to take, she said, "I want to take Abby." Vivian said she was going to send a picture of the triplets with an arrow pointing to Abby, since taking Abby to school is probably not an option.

Cooper and Carley also started school last week. Carley worked herself up so much before going the first day that she barfed. She was so anxious, and she's a mamma's girl so she was not happy about separation from Liane. Cooper, on the other hand, was excited to go to school. I guess he was anxious to terrorize some new kids. Liane said he came home talking about his new friend, Nina. She later found out that they became tight because it was her birthday and her mom brought cupcakes. Cooper wanted to be friends with the chick with the cupcakes.

Will spent Friday night with Mems. She took this picture at her house. She's going to take Marie next weekend. Then, all 3 babies will have had their own night at Marmie's.

Speaking of taking babies, Vivian and Paul had them one weekend, and Paul quickly decided that he was happy with just Rose. Our babies converted him, and Vivian was thrilled. Her plan went just as she had hoped.

Kibby, on the other hand, still wants another one after they took 2 of the babies for a night. I think it's because he doesn't really do that much to help so for him, it's no big deal. He is afraid to hold them because he thinks they will break, and as for a diaper change, that's out of the question!

Drew and Kibby came over last weekend, and I gave Drew one of the babies to hold. Kibby said we shouldn't be trusting Drew to carry a baby because he doesn't even trust Drew to carry the mail in. Apparently, Drew drops mail all the way down the driveway as he brings it in, and Kibby has to go out there and pick up pieces.

This weekend, we got adventurous with the kids and took them to Costco and Babies R Us on Sunday morning to pick up a few things. You can only imagine the looks we get and the things people say. We are like a freak show. Everyone stares as we push our triplet stroller through places. Billy described it as being on a reality show with cameras know everyone is looking at you, but you don't want to acknowledge it.

Also, if you make eye contact, it gives people permission to come over and talk to you, and I don't have time for that. I also don't want people to touch them. Some moms in my triplet groups put up stop signs on their strollers or a sign with the word "touch" in a circle and a line through it. It's just that so many germs are spread this way.

In non-baby issues, our first born, Winnie, continues to have some issues. We took her to the vet for the first time in several months on Saturday. We had her chipped in case she decided she wanted to run away from us and the babies. They also checked her leg, and it turns out, her ACL is torn. It's surgery time! That's gonna suck big time. We'll have to keep her on the first floor of the house for 3-4 months, cover the hardwoods with runners, and only allow her to take slow leash walks. If you've ever met Winnie, you know this is going to be challenging. She's a crazy beast! Last night, she got all excited about Vivian's striped pants. I don't know why she thought they were so amazing, but the minute Vivian put them on, Winnie tore off after her and was jumping all around her trying to sniff them. All that for pajamas! She's totally nuts.

On the nanny front, we went with Michele, who is the sister of a triplet mom in my triplets group, and she has nannied for 2 other triplet families from the time the kids were infants until they went to Pre-K. We figured she's very qualified to work with our family. Her current employer gave her a glowing recommendation, saying that sometimes she felt that Michele cared for her trips better than she did. I would say that's pretty good. She will start with us 2 days/week next week and then 3 days/week in October when I return to work.

I think you are all about up to speed now. Until the next time I blog it out....


Megs said...

Whoo hoo, props for Philly!!!! Love ya can't wait to meet the trips, i'm shopping for airfare.

Diana Zeigler said...

YAY for Philly!!! We looove the babies!

We plan on visiting really soon with my parents. Uncle Billy and my dad are like twins!! I thought he was my dad a few times at the wedding!! :)