Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where do babies come from?

Because I have nieces and nephews at many ages, there is a lot of curiosity regarding where my babies came from. Rose is especially interested in pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. When I was pregnant, she used to imitate me all the time. She would stuff 3 baby dolls under her shirt and pretend to give birth to them.

One time, I was over at Vivian's and Rose asked me if my babies tried to come out when I would go poop. I guess she figured that if food goes in your belly and you poop it out, that babies in your belly must have the same exit route.

After I had the babies, she told me that she wanted to have babies but she didn't want the doctors to cut her to get them out. Vivian told her that they don't have to cut her and that she came out through mommy's "we-we." Rose said, "Yuck. I don't want them to come that way either."

Rose also watched me breastfeed one time. Then, she lifted up her shirt and tried to squeeze her little boobies. She asked why she didn't have any milk, and I told her she would one day when she had a baby.

She wanted to know how the babies got in my belly, and I told her that her mom and dad would have to explain that. I already explained the whole menstrual cycle to Drew when he was like 5 years old, and that was very traumatic. Vivian gave Rose a vague answer--"God put the babies there." When Drew was little, Alice told him that Kibby gave her seeds that she planted inside of her to grow a baby. He wanted to know how they got there, and she said she swallowed them with some water. We give kids a lot of misinformation. I'll be lying to the triplets in no time.

I guess I should explain how I had to tell Drew about menstruation. He was spending the weekend with me once, and he found a tampon in my bathroom. He asked me what it was for, and I didn't want to tell him a bunch of lies. I told him that since women have babies, their bodies have to prepare for the possibility of having a baby grow inside of them every month. In order to do this, they have to clean out their baby growing area and all of the stuff that's in there comes out once a month, and it's clean and ready to have another chance for a baby. I thought that was vague enough, but he asked, "What kind of stuff comes out?" I said, "Blood and stuff," to which he responded, "OH GROSS!" Then, he found a tampon somewhere else, and he said, "There's another one of those gross bloody things." I think I totally traumatized him, not to mention that Alice and Kibby had to deal with the questions after he had time to think about it all. Kibby said I should have told him it was tool to clean hard to reach corners in the bathroom. I just didn't think that fast.

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Katie said...

Ok...that is hilarious! I just cracked up at Kibby's explanation! Priceless!