Thursday, September 18, 2008

Marmie's Dress Up Dolls

Mems took everyone again on Friday night. Aunt Teri was in town for a conference, and she stayed with us Wednesday through Friday and then had another round with the babies at Mems' on Friday. When we went to pick them up on Saturday, they were all dressed up in fancy outfits. Marmie likes to play dress up. The picture above is Abby.

Here is Marie in her fancy matching outfit. Those little hair bow things crack me up!

Last, but not least, is Will in his "Rock" hat. He looks all peaceful here, but shortly after this picture was taken, Mems decided she was going to try taking his temperature because he felt warm. You are supposed to check babies' temps in their tiny hiney holes. Mems talked herself into getting the deed done, and she was standing there with the thermometer in his corn hole. All of a sudden, Will decides to let loose a huge poop. Mems screamed and gave up on the temp taking. She had a poopy mess to clean up.

It was all out poop fest after that. Marie pooped through her outfit and Abby crapped all up her back. It was good poop times! Thanks, Marmie, for helping them brew some killers.


Kate Elliott said...

they are so cute!!

bz said...

Will already looks like a little thug.

The Beach Lady said...

So much fun. I must get the outfit that matches that "Rock" hat so Will and Billy can play Rock Band together. Marie and Abby's new names when they are wearing the "head dress" is Fifi and Lulu. Those poor babies didn't know what was going on and why we were laughing so hard. Good times, except for the major poop.

Jamie said...

The best way to stimulate a poop explosion:
1. Shove a thermometer up their butt
A close second:
2. Put a cute outfit on them
A surefire way to get some doo doo going.
I know this from firsthand experience.