Monday, September 22, 2008

One baby? I laugh at your ONE baby

On Friday night, Alice took Abby from us and Mems picked up Marie. We just had Will, and he is our best behaved baby (most of the time). We took him out to dinner with us to Capozzi's (a little Italian place near us). He sat in his car seat in the booth, and he just looked around at everything. When it was time to eat, he got a little cranky, but I just rocked his seat, and he calmed right down. What an angel! He fell asleep by the end of dinner, and we went to Rita's to get some Italian ice-YUM! He slept peacefully in his car seat the whole time.

When we got home, I gave him a bottle and put him in his crib, and he slept 3 1/2 hours. At that point, Billy fed him and put him right back down, and he slept again. He again wanted to eat in about 3 1/2 hours, and Billy fed him again, and he went back to sleep. The next morning, we got up and loaded him in a single stroller and headed out for a brisk walk. Just getting ready to take a walk when we have all 3 takes about an hour.

Billy and I got to wondering if having one baby was really that easy or if we are just so overwhelmed by having 3 that one is a breeze. I guess it also depends on your baby's disposition. If Abby were our only child, we would probably be overwhelmed because she requires what Alice calls "special attention." The translation of this is being held a lot and sleeping in bed with a warm body.

All of the work really does pay off, though. Will has just gotten into smiling when you talk to him. It is the cutest thing! Aunt Alice can make him smile every time. She just tells him how handsome he is in a funny voice, and he gives her his big, goofy, gummy grin. I need to try to capture it in a picture to post. It just comes and goes so quickly! Marie smiles too, but she will start smiling and then open her mouth up big, like she doesn't quite know how to smile yet. Abby smiles in her sleep a lot, and she will smile back at a person smiling at her sometimes, but what she really likes to do is stick her tongue out. If someone sticks their tongue out to her, she'll do it right back.

Yesterday, I went to my dad's without Billy because he had some work to accomplish around the house. Kibby asked if "getting work done" was code for napping on the couch. Anyway, I left the babies at my dad's after lunch so I could do my grocery shopping. Liane also left Chloe there when she headed off to the Sandy Springs Festival. Luckily, Alice stayed to help Maureen and my dad. Liane only left about 3 ounces of formula for Chloe, and she already drinks 4 ounces at a time! Our kids just started drinking 4 ounces about 2 weeks ago. What a piggy! Of course, Alice fed Chloe as soon as she started crying, and when 5 p.m. rolled around, there was nothing left for her to drink, and Liane wasn't back yet. That's the kind of crap you do with a 3rd child...leave them somewhere for hours with no backup food. I left an entire bottle of formula in my absence in case I was somehow delayed and couldn't get back in time to nurse them before their next feeding. I was literally gone for 45 minutes.

I may have more time to blog in the next couple of weeks because our nanny just started last week. She's is great so far. I'll write more about her in another post.

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