Monday, August 2, 2010

Girls' Sunday Morning

Will spent the night at Papa's house Saturday because Marmie is in Germany on a business trip. She usually takes someone at least one night of the weekend, amd without her around, we looked elsewhere for some relief!! Papa got suckered in.

Sunday morning, Billy worked in the yard a few hours so the girls and I had some quality girl time. First, they mowed the lawn like daddy with their bubble mowers. However, they got hot and decided just to swing instead.

Marie is looking pretty relaxed here. Btw-she insisted on the hat and sunglasses, not my idea!

Here's sweet abby in her swing.

They got to meet their new cousin, Jake, on Saturday, and so they wanted to pretend to be swaddled babies like him.

Abby was too tall for a proper swaddle. I probably needed to use a king sized sheet to get her in there securely. Their old baby blankets weren't cutting it.

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