Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazy Fun at Home

Just figured you might like to see how we try to keep the kids entertained and how they like to entertain themselves these days....

The bounce house! Yes, we blow it up in the middle of our living room. Why not? It's too hot outside anyway.
Hanging out in our Dora pajamas, which they pronounce, "Doy-ra." The red chairs are new with their names on them. Marie gets pissed if anyone sits in hers, and Will and Abby know this so what do they do? Torture her by constantly sitting in her chair!!!

This is hide 'n seek. Abby actually thinks she's hiding. The other two scream, "Where are you?"
Princess Abby prefers to eat sitting on the big table while the peasants sit at their chairs.

When they have snacks in the family room, they sit in the big chair to avoid Winnie. They have quickly learned that if they walk around with their snacks, Winnie will steal everything. As soon as I give them a snack, they run to the chair and climb up and start yelling, "No, Winnie!"

Abby had a tragic accident which resulted in black eye. She took a head first dive off the chair in the picture above this one and hit a plastic piece of a gate that was there. We swear that she has a magnetic in her head that causes all of the head trauma.

Here they are in the bounce house again...in Doy-ra pajamas again. Different Doy-ra jammies...and we need even more. That's all they want to wear. They would wear them all day if we let them. Okay, some days we do let them.

So, we have like a million toys around this house, but what do they want to play with? The freakin' sippy cup pieces. They sit on the kitchen floor, grab cup pieces off the counter, utensils out of drawers, and tupperware out of the cabinet. The end result is a very messy kitchen...just like the rest of our house. Oh well.

Look at the love here! You wouldn't guess that Marie is the most picked on child in the bunch. She gets so much abuse because all she does is yell and scream. The other two will kick, punch, and bite the hell out of each other so they know not to mess with each other.

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