Monday, August 23, 2010

Preschool: Day 2

We talked up preschool all weekend long, and the kids seemed to be super excited about going back to "scuela." It's escuela in Spanish, but they call it "scuela" or "cool." We talked about Ms. Donna, aka Madonna to them, and Ms. Jenn a bunch. Marie even tried to grab her school bag when we were going to the dentist last week, but I had to tell her we were not going to school. They found their lunch bags in the pantry on Saturday and started asking, "scuela?" Again, I had to tell them they would have to wait.

Anyway, we pull up in the carpool line this morning, and we are still talking about what a great day it's going to be. When I get to the front of the line for drop-off, I make eye contact with the preschool director, who is helping with the line and hold up 3 fingers to signal I have 3 of them that need help to their classroom. That was enough. The lady yells to the other drop-off volunteers, "It's the triplets," and our car is surrounded by people fighting to get them out. Will screams, "Bye," jumps out of the car, and runs for the door of the preschool. I guess we know how he feels about it. Abby looks around, panicked. She looks at me and screams, "Mama" while she is being yanked from the car. Marie is sitting calmly until Abby's meltdown, and she then realizes she should fight too. She screams. People grab them. Away they go. I drive off. That was it.

At noon, I headed back over to get them, and they were all happy as could be. Abby again broke out in tears when she saw me, but I had seen her just a second before when she was smiling and playing in the classroom. What a faker. Ms. Donna said that was the first tear she had shed all day. We got a great report on them again. Great children. So sweet. Fun day.

I'm thinking that after another couple of weeks, everyone will jump out of the car and yell, "Bye!" without looking back, just like Will.

On a funny note, because I have 3 kids in the class, I have to volunteer for everything 3 times. I have to make play-dough for the class 3 months, I have to help with 3 class parties, I have to bring various supplies 3 different months, etc. This is going to be a busy year!

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