Sunday, August 15, 2010

Outside Fun in the Sun

Since I had a post about how we keep them occupied inside, I figured I should post a few pictures of our outdoor fun as well. They love playing outside. Usually, we set up in the front yard because it's flatter, but we have swings in the back, and we have a slide we use back there also.
This sink keeps them occupied forever. They fill up their cups, dump the water, and do it over and over and over again. I have no idea why that's fun, but it is.

We took the easel Titi gave them outside and broke out the finger paints. What a messy disaster! Abby loved it and got messy for quite a while. She had paint all over her face by the time we finished. One of our neighbors drove by and commented how much she liked our outdoor studio.

Here's Will at the sink. Filling a unusual.

Abby...still painting.

Because the sink wasn't enough water, we also pulled out the little baby pool. Again, they just would fill up cups and dump out the water.

That baby pool just didn't provide the right level of excitement so Alice bought them this crazy thing for their birthday. It's a 2 level pool with a slide at the top. They had a blast in it. Here's Abby cruising down the slide.

Marie went up and down a million times and managed to keep on her sunglasses the whole time. She's very into her accessories.

Here they are cheering Marie on as she speeds down the slide!

Here is Abby making her landing. Thanks, Alice! This thing is fun. Baby Jake needs to come down the slide next summer. Get ready!!

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