Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My 3 Preschoolers

It's official--they are preschoolers! They had their first day today, and it went great. Abby and Will were a bit confused in the carpool line when a couple of teachers came and snatched them out of their seats. They were okay, but Marie had a bit of a meltdown--screaming for me and looking very hurt that we would leave her with complete strangers. I just sucked it up and pressed on.

I didn't want to just leave them, but the preschool prefers parents not walk their kids to the classrooms because of the fits that then occur in the rooms. The crying becomes contagious, and the teacher is left with a room full of hysterical 2 year olds. Not fun. So, the crying happened at the car and that was it. I teared up a bit but was fine.

The school hosted a parent coffee, and Billy and I went to that for a little while after the drop off. We figured we should stay close in case they needed to call us to pick up 1, 2, or 3 kids. But, a miracle happened, and they all decided "cool" was fine and stayed all day.

I picked them up at noon. At pickup, parents do go to the classrooms, and when I got to theirs, I found Will peering out the door up and down the halls. When he saw me, he screamed, "MAMA!" It was really sweet. The teachers said they were all great--well-behaved, polite, calm, etc. Wow...they were talking about my kids??!! Amazing. Abby broke out in tears at the sight of me. I guess she thought she was never going to see me again after the crazy drop off experience. Marie just ran up and hugged my legs. One of the teachers helped me escort my crew out to my car. She said that they would walk up to her and ask for "agua, please" whenever they wanted water, and they really enjoyed having their hands traced at coloring time. Michele does that with them.

We'll see how things go next week. Their class is Monday/Wednesday. I hope they don't forget all about school by then.

These pictures illustrate that they are obviously mature enough for school.....

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