Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Abby Bossypants

Abby is the Queen Bee around here. She bosses around the others and us and basically, everyone. She tells Will and Marie when it's their turn to do something and let's us know when she's willing to do something. The other day, I asked her to come to the kitchen to get something, and she hollered back to me, "No, mama. I busy." Really? What are exactly are you so busy doing that you can't do what I'm asking you to do? I can't imagine that anything in the life of an almost 3 year old is so urgent that she can't come to the kitchen. Okay, I would have understood if she was on the toilet, but she wasn't.

Abby is incredibly stubborn. She knows what she wants and won't stop until she gets it. Last night, she wanted to sleep in our bed, and she cried for literally 2 hours. When Billy tried to get her to calm down, she said, "I calm down in mommy and daddy's bed." Then, continued screaming. The instant Billy brought her into our room, she was sweet, cuddly, and went right off to sleep. That little bugger!

She also knows how to manipulate people and how to get her way. She likes to spend the night with the grandparents, and she will start talking about how she's going to Papa Nando's to spend the night beginning the day before we are going to see him. Then, as soon as she sees him, she'll tell him she's going to his house, and she's spending the night, and she starts making all these plans..."Then, we go for walk. Then, I sleep in the big bed. Then, we snuggle." After a little while, she has everyone convinced, including Papa Nando, that she's off to his house.

Abby is probably the most mature out of the bunch. She knows how to focus her attention on a project and not get distracted. She's been the one who always pays attention at the shows we've gone to-Barney, the circus, etc.

Abby is so flexible. It's incredible. She contorts her little body in a million different ways, and it doesn't even faze her. She's very strong too. She was the first to be able to really pedal her bike well and can do it uphill. We start gymnastics on Saturday, and I can't wait to see how good she is at it!

Abby is also very clumsy. She tends to fall a lot. She's always got a band-aid or 10 on. We kid that she has a magnet in her head because whenever she falls, it seems to be head-first! However, she does love wearing a helmet so maybe she's aware of this little defect and likes to protect her noggin.

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