Saturday, June 4, 2011

April/May Pics

I had a few pictures leftover from April and May that I forgot to it goes.

They had another round of swim lessons. They really made a lot of progress this time around. The picture above was taken as we were leaving for swim practice. Mems make sure they are super-stylish in cover-ups and water shoes to match their bathing suits! They still like to look out the front window, even though there is now a couch there. Even Winnie joins them to see what's happening in the neighborhood.

Will and Marie are constantly getting on each other's nerves, but they always go back for more. Here they are rolling around in the yard in the Easter outfits. Will was obsessed with the tie he wore. He asked for it today and clipped it onto the t-shirt he had on. Very fancy look.

Abby loves to hug and play with Winnie. She was running by Winnie yesterday, and she dropped something that landed on Winnie's paw. Abby dropped to the ground, grabbed Winnie's paw, kissed it, and said, "Winnie. You okay? I so sorry." She's wearing Will's "movie Cars" pajamas above. Anything that has to do with "Cars," they refer to as "movie Cars."

Here's Aunt Alice, giant Baby Jake, and the trio in the swing in dad's backyard at Easter. Jake now wears 24 months/2T clothing. I told Alice he couldn't have any more of Will's hand-me-downs because Will still wears a 2T! He's being lapped by a child who isn't even 1 year old yet.

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