Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Will: King of the Obvious Questions

I've been blogging about all 3 collectively too much lately and not giving each one their own little posts to update their differences. I'll start with Will.

I'd have to say that contrary to what "they" always say about boys, he's our most vocal child. He NEVER stops talking. I don't think he's capable of silence. I mean he talks to himself until he falls asleep at night and wakes up talking and singing. The other day, he woke up from his nap, threw open the door, and announced, "Will had a good nap. Will feels better. Will is ready to play. Did Abby and Marie sleep? Where are Abby and Marie? Is Will a good boy?" I was exhausted, and he had only been awake for 1 minute.

He is also very inquisitive and is known for asking obvious questions and/or asking the same question is several different ways

Example one: Our neighbor, Howie, was heading out for a run the other day. We were playing in the yard and Will asked me what Mr. Howie was doing. I said, "He's getting ready to run." Will yells to Howie, "Mr. Howie, your getting ready to run now?" Howie tells him yes and starts jogging out of his driveway. Will shouts, "Mr. Howie, are you running now?" Howie says yes. Will then asks, this is the kicker, "Mr. Howie, do you have a penis?" Really? Why does this child insist on embarrassing me like this? Howie just chuckled. He has kids too. He knows what it's like.

Of course, then the girls join in yelling, "Bye-bye Mr. Howie penis!" "Bye-bye, magina." Magina is how they say vagina. The penis and magina talk is never ending. Then, they correct each other and say, "No more penis talk. Mimi doesn't like it."

Example two: We had some friends over last week, and one of the kids (Ben) was sick and couldn't make it. When Ben's dad, John, came in, Will asked, "Where's Ben?" John explained that Ben was sick and resting and couldn't make it. Will then asked, "Is Ben sick?" John told him yes. Will asks, "Is Ben resting?" John told him yes. Will asks, "Does Ben not feel good?" John told him yes. Will asks, "Is he going to feel better soon?" I told John just to walk away. Will was not going to stop interrogating him.

Will has a very short attention span. He will ask to play with something or watch something on television, but he can only handle it for a few minutes. After that, he has to go wrestle with Marie for a while. Marie and Will seem to be the most playful with each other. Abby tends to be the most mature out of the bunch.

Will is an incredible flirt. He's always checking chicks out and making eyes at them. He knows just how to work it with the ladies. How could you not love his enormous brown eyes?

Will is also so snuggly and sweet. He loves to hug and kiss. Sometimes his affections border on violence, but he just can't help it...he gets carried away with his love. :)

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