Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spanish Camp

The kids went to Spanish Camp last week. They were scheduled to go 2 mornings, but Will got sick Monday night, and he had to stay home Tuesday. He threw up a couple of times overnight. They have all had some mucousy cough going on, and I think he swallowed phlegm, and ended up puking it out. He was fine otherwise. He woke up threw up, and immediately started talking. He was like, "Oh, Will threw up. Will threw up in mommy and daddy's bed. Is Will sick? Marie threw up downstairs yesterday. Is Will going to school tomorrow? Do mommy and daddy have to clean the sheets now?" OMG! At 2 a.m. I just wasn't ready for the Will interrogation.

We got him calmed down and back to sleep and about an hour later, he vomited again, and the obvious questions and statements resumed. "Did Will throw up again? Is Will sick? Is Will going to feel better soon?"

Back to Spanish Camp. I took Abby and Marie to camp and Will stayed with Michele. I was terrified that drop off was going to be awful since they had not been going to school regularly. I walked them into the school, and when I got to the classroom door to check them in, they ran into the classroom and shouted, "Bye, mama!" That was it. When I picked them up, they were all happy. They came home and told Will all about it, and he vowed he would go to Spanish Camp next time.

BTW-Spanish Camp is an immersion program-the teachers speak all Spanish to the kids and encourage them to respond in Spanish. That's what I want--for them to speak it. They understand it completely, but there are only select words they use regularly in Spanish. The theme of the week was "the beach," and the teachers talked to the kids all about things related to the beach. They played with sand, colored pictures of the beach, made little fish crafts, had sun shines painted on their faces, etc.

On Thursday, they all went to Spanish Camp. When we arrived, Marie turned to Will and said, "Will, I show you where is Spanish Camp" and held his hand to the door. The girls started darting down the hall towards their classroom shouting, "C'mon, Will!" They all marched in, sat down at a table, and started painting. Again, no drama...they barely said good-bye to me. When I picked them up, Will said "I like Spanish Camp. I want to come back here." Good thing because they are signed up for 3 days the next session. :)

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