Wednesday, April 23, 2008

24 weeks

I just had my next check-up at my perinatologist, and everyone looked great! The fluid on Baby C's brain had come down, and everything looked perfectly normal. The doctor was amazed that the problem completely resolved itself in just the past couple of weeks. We are so grateful. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us. It really worked!

Baby A and Baby C are now 1 lb, 10 ozs and Baby B is 1 lb, 7 ozs. Dr. Mann said that they all looked beautiful and perfect and were growing at just the right rate. My cervix remains over 4 cm long and closed, which means I still don't need any bedrest.

A few nights ago, I told Billy that I felt like Baby A was flipping over. Sure thing, when we checked her out today, she was breech. Last time we were in, she was head-down. I can't believe I could feel that!

That's all for now. I have an appointment with my ob on Friday, and that's when I will take my gestational diabetes test. I sure hope I pass!


Amanda said...

Yeah! So happy all is well. I am 38 weeks now and hoping for a short cervix--just the opposite of your wish! Our children may end up being only 2 months apart since I feel like I will be pregnant for 3 more weeks! Anyway, keep up the good work Mama!

Jamie said...

Good report!! Sounds like everything is going amazingly. Hooray for you and the babies!!