Friday, April 25, 2008

OB Appt

I had my gestational diabetes test this morning. I had to drink 10 ounces of a nasty, orange-flavored, sugary syrup an hour before my appointment. Then, they drew my blood and will let me know next week if my blood sugar level is normal. If it is not, I have to do three hour test, where I drink even more sugary stuff, and they measure my blood sugar every hour. I'm at higher risk for gestational diabetes because this is a multiples pregnancy.

The other thing that started this morning was that my ob began checking my cervix "digitally" (yes, with her fingers) to make sure it was closed. That was uncomfortable. I don't know why she has to do that, since I have a vaginal ultrasound at my perinatologist every time to check my cervix. Apparently, it's standard operating procedure. Now, she has to check up in my va-jay-jay every two weeks that way. Yuck!

After the appointment, I headed out house hunting again. I found 2 that I wanted to show to Billy. He saw them both during his lunch hour, and we are ready to make an offer on one tomorrow. We are going back to it tomorrow morning one last time with Mems, Bill, and my dad. It always help to get other people's opinions. I'll let you know how that all turns out and will post pictures if we get the house. I don't want to jinx anything for now.

Winnie is doing well after her 10 days of rest and anti-inflammatory medication. She's still limping from time to time, but not very often. I will probably take her back to the vet to get re-checked next Monday. I want to get clearance before we resume normal activity. I feel like she's getting lazy...just like me. Hopefully, it will be okay for her to get a little more exercise.

I am again overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers! A couple of days ago, I received a package in the mail from a person in Gainesville, FL. I did not recognize the name, and I told Billy I didn't know anyone who would be sending me something from there. Well, it turns out that Vivian's mother-in-law, Pat, sent my name out to her friends so that they would pray for me and the babies. The lady that sent the package was one of her friends. The package had 6 handmade baby blankets in it. They are adorable! This lady doesn't even know me, and she made blankets for my babies. It's incredible.

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Jamie said...

Good luck with the house AND with the gestational diabetes screen results. I had to do the second phase of that test because I "failed" the screen and it was gross.