Friday, April 18, 2008

Amnio Results

I just heard from my doctor's office, and it looks like Baby C's amnio came back fine. I'm so happy that everything is okay with him. I had tried not to stress myself out about it, but I felt so relieved when I got the good news.

Alice said that maybe he's just going to have the Rodriguez male "watermelon head." When Drew was born, he had a gigantic noggin. Alice was in labor for several hours, and the doctor had to use the forceps to finally pull the kid out. Then, he had a crazy cone head.

Cooper also had a big ole head when he was born. He actually had some fluid that accumulated in the front part of his head, around his forehead, that made his forehead protrude. However, it eventually went down on its own.

At least I don't have to push the big headed baby out. There's another good reason for a c-section!

This has to be a quick entry because we are off to Mems' house for dinner. I have another shower tomorrow afternoon and a dance recital for Rose. Should be a fun weekend!


Jamie said...

Hooray!! What a relief!

Amanda said...

Yeah! So happy all is good with Sweet Willy!