Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on House

We went and looked at the house we liked on Saturday morning with my dad and Billy's parents. One of the little girls who lived there had posted a sign on her closet door that said, "Do not buy or get our house!" Obviously, she didn't want to move.

The people who lived there had written half a page in the packet of information about their much they loved it and the neighborhood and how sad they were to be moving. Well, it turned out they were not really ready to leave this house behind because after we made an offer, they decided to take their house off the market. Can you believe that? Now we have to start our search all over again.

In some ways, it's fine that it happened the way it did because the house did need some work. The master bathroom and closets were very small and so were the secondary bedrooms. I was afraid that we would be very tight during the time that we have a live-in nanny.

The perfect house for us is out there somewhere. We will have to keep searching. If it takes longer than a week to find, though, it may be Billy who keeps searching without me. It is becoming more and more difficult to get around for me. When we are house hunting, it is especially hard because of all the stairs I have to climb. I usually don't go upstairs or downstairs at houses unless I really like the main floor. Otherwise, our agent goes and looks around and lets me know if she thinks it's worth it for me to make the effort. Most of the time, it's not.

I took Winnie back to the vet today to get her ACL checked again. She was doing much better, but yesterday, she had an energy burst and decided to orbit. This is when she runs around and around our condo at full speed for several minutes. She used to do it almost every night when she was a puppy. After her episode last night, she started limping again.

She still hasn't blown out her ACL, which is good news. However, the regular course of anti-inflammatory meds (10 days) didn't work. Therefore, she has to take them for an entire month. They really helped during the time she was on them so I'm hoping they continue to make her feel better. She is now resting comfortably at my feet. A visit to the vet wears her out! She loves everyone there and has to run around and lick everyone. They give her treats and belly rubs. She gets excited as soon as we get in the parking lot. Most dogs are scared of the vet but not Winnie!


Jamie said...

Winnie loves the vet because it's her second home.

Becky said...

Sorry about the house!! We lost 3 contracts before we found ours...such a pain in the neck! Winnie is crazy...what dog likes the vet???

Laura said...

Lesrod, I think its time for a new picture, while you can still stand up.