Thursday, April 3, 2008

Billy is having a "Dadchelor" party

There's not much to report on the babies this week. They just continue to grow and move around like crazy. This morning from 5 until 6 a.m., Baby A decided she was going to do some aerobics. I swear she was trying to break through my uterus. She was pounding on me from the inside. It was such a strange sensation. Most of the time I just feel flutters and light movements, but she must be getting strong.

I think that Billy will be able to feel the babies from the outside by the end of this week. Since their movements are becoming more predictable and intense, he should be able to feel it on my belly soon. I think that will be exciting for him.

The other big news on the Billy front is that he is heading off to Athens this weekend for his "dadchelor" party. This is like a batchelor party but minus the hookers. It's basically a way for him to say good-bye to the days when it was just us, and he didn't have to worry about a family. He had a good life-golfing, trips to Vegas, guys' golf weekends, happy hours, etc.-but now he must trade that in and be confined to the house with 3 screaming babies whenever he is not at work. Doesn't that sound like a good trade-off? Poor guy.

I asked Billy if he was planning to be totally cray this weekend, and he said no. However, when I asked him if he planned to behave like a responsible, soon-to-be father of triplets, he also responded no. I guess there must be happy medium. Billy seems to have a trouble finding that happy medium. I think this weekend is going to full of excessive drinking and the subsequent barfing that follows for Billy-always! There are just so many stories of Billy's barfing adventures that I can't even begin to tell them all here.

My big plans for the weekend includes lots of showers. I'm going to one for my friend, Amanda, who is due in May. She's having a boy this time! She has an adorable little girl, Caitlin, who is my Godchild. After her shower, I'll be off to another one for me. This on is being thrown by my sisters and is mostly for family. There will be lots of old, Cuban ladies there. They will all be thrilled to see my big belly, since they were always commenting on how skinny I was before I got pregnant and how that couldn't possibly be healthy.

In the Cuban culture, a little plumpness is valued. It is especially important for children/babies to be fat to Cubans. I was looking through my baby book the other day and noticed that I was fed rice cereal when I was only 3 weeks old! They did this to fatten me up, and boy did it work. In my 3-month old pictures, I had 3 or 4 chins and my arms and legs looked like little stuffed sausages. I hope I'm fattening up my babies enough in-utero!


kariyuhas said...

reality didn't set in for dave until he was holding drew...
it's just different for the guys. we have all this time to imagine the lives of our children as they grow inside of us...the guys don't even know it, but they're in serious denial until they have to make the first parenting do we give in and give the screaming baby a paci or not?!

hey, what's the word on barkbusters?

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see you and your sisters at your 'familia y viejitas'shower. I love to share speacial moments with you. It reminds me of your mom and the love she had for all of us. I can't believe I'm actually writing in a blog - this is my first time!