Monday, April 14, 2008

Cooper's Feelings

Cooper has gotten very into expressing his feelings lately, and he talked about his emotions a lot when we were watching him last week. He is so funny sometimes the way he goes on and on about how he's upset or sad. Liane said that there was an episode of "Barney" where the kids talked about feelings, and he picked it up from there.

One day, I was trying to feed him lunch, and he wouldn't eat anything I gave him. Then, he wanted cookies, but I said that if he wasn't going to eat his lunch, he couldn't have any cookies. He climbed off his seat, went under the table, and started crying. That went on for about a minute. When he came out from under the table, he said, "Wasie, I'm ready to listen now. I was so sad earlier, but I'm feeling better now." He then proceeded to eat some of his lunch and got his cookie. He said, "I'm so happy now."

At Alice and Kibby's house one day, Cooper was going on about how he was very sad that his mom was out of town. He would add a little fake cry here and there for effect when discussing this topic. Well, Kibby felt like he needed to straighten him out. He told Cooper, "Boy, men only have 2 emotions. We either feel happy, or we're pissed off." He didn't want Cooper fooling around with any sissy emotions he picked up from "Barney."

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