Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Winnie's Bad Leg

As if we don't have enough going on right now, Winnie is hurt. I took her to the vet yesterday, and the vet said, "Wow, we haven't seen Winnie is 2 months! I think that's a record." Isn't that sad? She's there monthly most of the time.

When we walked in the vet's office, one of the girls in the front saw us coming and asked, "What did Winnie eat this time?" I had to explain that although she did eat 4 bananas the day before, she was there for a limp. About the bananas...Billy left them out on the counter in the kitchen when he left for a softball game. When I came home, I found banana peels all over the place. She had eaten all 4 bananas, but left the peels in different rooms. I guess she was enjoying snacking in the bathroom, dining room, and bedroom.

Anyway, back to her latest injury. We had noticed that she was limping for the past week or so. However, it wasn't going on all the time. We thought she was better until I took her out to play fetch, and she came home limping again. We figured it was time to get her checked out. The vet felt around and determined that she had partially torn her ACL. She didn't think it was a complete tear and didn't want to recommend surgery unless it was blown. She said that surgery for a doggy ACL was around $2500. YIKES! For now, she prescribed an anti-inflammatory and said to rest her as much as possible, which is a nightmare. She's such a mess when she doesn't have an outlet for her energy. I am absolutely willing to deal with her crazy behaviors for 10 days of rest, if it will save us $2500.

When I was telling Alice about Winnie's condition, she said that it only costs $500 to put a dog down. Can you believe that!? She said that Winnie had already had a full life. The dog is only 1 1/2 years old. She's hardly had any life! Poor little Winnie.


Jamie said...

Now I have to say "I love Alice." She cracks me up.

I wonder how much baby gear Winnie is going to eat over the next year or so?

Becky said...

My parents dog had her ACL done...the bill was $3000! You better tell Winnie to rest up, have you aver tried Benedryl??? It really knocks them out!!