Monday, April 21, 2008

My weekend

This past weekend we had many exciting events. First, I got to see Rose dance in her debut ballet performance. It was hysterical! There were several groups that danced, and most were around Rose's age, but some were even younger. For the younger kids, the teacher would come out and perform with them. Even when the teacher was not on the stage, you could tell that she was behind the curtains to the left or right because all of the kids would stare off to that side and try to keep up with the correct moves.

There was a little boy in one of the classes, and when he came out, Billy immediately turned to me and said, "Our boy will not be taking ballet lessons." A few songs later, I could feel Will moving around, and I told Billy that perhaps Will liked the show and wanted to dance. My dad assured Billy that dance would be a great way for Will to pick up girls.

When Rose's group came out, they danced their little hearts out. Well, it looked more like a bunch of skipping, jumping, and bouncing around, but it was dance to them. After Rose's 1 minute performance, Vivian said, "Well, there goes $1000."

After the recital, I headed off to Mems's house to my final baby shower. That was a lot of fun. I got tons of great stuff. I still can't get over how generous everyone has been. It's so amazing to know how many people care about me and the babies.

On Sunday, we went out to Loganville to pick up the Triple Decker stroller that Mems bought us from a lady in my triplets group. We got to meet her little ones. They are a little over 1, and she has 2 girls and a boy, just like us! The kids were adorable.

She asked how far along I was, and when I told her 24 weeks, she was shocked. She went on hospital bedrest at 17 weeks until she delivered around 31 weeks. She spent 98 days at Northside Hospital. Can you even imagine that? Even worse was that her husband was living in LaGrange at the time, and could only come visit her once or twice a week. I am so grateful that I am continuing to hold up so well.

She showed us the babies' room and their playroom. When we left, Billy said that the babies' room smelled like a doo-doo diaper, and I told him to get used to that fine will soon be filling our house every day. The playroom looked like a bomb went off at Toys R Us. The parents said that they clean it up at night, but they let the kids have at it all day long.

Finally, we put in an offer on a house this weekend, but it didn't work out. The sellers are just not willing to negotiate. They only wanted to come down $2000 from their listing price, and in today's market, we can find a better deal. Unfortunately, our better deal may mean moving out to the burbs. The more we think about it, the more we are convinced that we are better off in the East Cobb area because of the lower taxes and the great schools. I am so depressed at the thought of driving a mini-van and living in East Cobb, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Teri Z said...

Outside the perimeter? I thought that was a sin in the Rodriquez clan! I do love the sound of that plan though!

pockherc said...

This article struck me as relevant (and scary):

kmehawkeye said...

maybe we'll move out there with you! the no-garage and limited space is getting to us :-)