Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lots of updates

I have a lot of updating to do. I got too far behind with the blog. Sorry about that, folks!

First, I visited my lady business doctor and everything appears to be healing nicely. My c-section incision is looking good, and apparently, my uterus is still going to take a little while to shrink. My ob informed me that I would probably have some extra skin from all the stretching I did. Lovely! We are lucky enough that Billy's best friend is a plastic surgeon, and I may be giving him a call about that skin when everything settles down.

My ob asked what we would be doing about birth control, and I informed her that I would like for Billy to have a vasectomy. She asked if he was on board with that, and of course, he's not. What guy would volunteer for the snip? So, she wanted to know what we would do until he got on board, and I told her abstinence. Ha! She said enough of that would probably encourage him to get the vasectomy taken care of.

As for the kids, they had another doctor's appointment, and they continue to grow like crazy. Abby is up to 7 lbs 9 ozs. Marie is just behind her at 7 lbs 8.5 ozs, and little Will is 7 lbs 5 ozs. Will better watch out or his sisters are going to start kicking his butt!

Abby is having some issues with night-time crying. Basically, she starts whaling right when Billy and I sit down to have dinner every night, and she continues ALL NIGHT LONG! Some nights she can be consoled by holding her, and her favorite thing is to sleep in the bed with either mommy and daddy (and Winnie) or with whoever is our night helper. A couple of nights ago, she slept almost 6 straight hours in our bed. Now I understand why people end up with babies in their beds...I would do anything for sleep.

The nurse practitioner suspects she may have "silent reflux" so we tried Axid, but that didn't work. Now, we've moved to Prevacid for a week to see if that helps at all.

Marie's only problem is that she has a blocked tear duct. It got infected last week, and I had to start using antibiotic drops in it. It's looking better now, but they think it will probably persist for a few months. We just have to keep wiping it down, and there is some weird little eye massage I have to do for her a few times per day.

Will has no problems, except that the ladies love him. One of the nurses at the office asked us if it was okay if she had a favorite, and we said sure but wanted to know which one. She said it was Will because his little features are just so adorable. Mems also has friends that favor Mr. Will. He's already breaking hearts everywhere he goes.

Speaking of Mems, we pawned off Abby on her last night. She was alone and could only handle one baby, so we sent our biggest crier. We are such a-holes! Seriously, though, she said she would like to take them one at a time for a few weeks to give them one-on-one Marmie (that's her grandma name) time.

Tonight, the babies are traveling to the Clarke household for an overnighter. Vivian volunteered to take them for the evening. She's going to need to switch her Sunday night because Rose's new school has parent orientation on Monday morning. I think she just wants to have the babies there all night to scare Paul so that he won't want another baby. He has always wanted more kids, and Vivian shut down the baby factory after Rose. I'm sure that she thinks having the Zeigler trio for one night will show him how good they have it with just one little girl.

We are interviewing a nanny today. She's coming at 11 a.m. to meet us and the babies. I talked to her on the phone for a while earlier this week, and she seems great. She's older, which is important to me for several reasons. First, I want someone with a lot of experience. Also, I just think someone more motherly is more responsible, and lastly, I'm hoping she's not a cougar or a MILF so that I won't have anything to worry about.;)

The nanny is also fluent in Spanish. I want the kids to grow up speaking Spanish and English so I definitely want someone to be speaking to them in Spanish the days that I'm not home. When they all speak Spanish, we'll talk crap about Billy, and he won't even know it.

I'm hoping she works out. I've found that good nannies get snatched up very quickly so if we like her, we'll have to make a move fast! I'll probably start using her a couple days/week, even before I go back to work. I need some relief from the babies to get some things done around the house and run errands.

Our next order of baby business is working on the birth announcements. We're hoping to do that soon. I wanted to wait because I wanted them to be a little filled out. They were just so skinny and wrinkly until now, but with the amount of weight they've gained, they are looking like little porkers. I like the fat baby look!

Okay, that's enough updating for now. I'll try to be better about keeping you all up to speed. I also need to get a few new pics up. Looks like it will be next time.

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