Monday, August 4, 2008

What you've all been waiting for

Abby is pictured above. We call her our "one-legged baby" because she loves this position.

Here is Will. He's our little chicken. Billy said we have to be careful about calling him that because the nickname may stick, and he could be 15 years old, and we'll still be calling him chicken. His friends would have a field day making fun of that!

Here is our threesome dressed up for their 2 week doctor's appointment. The girls have on their matching outfits. I don't always dress them alike, but I have some matching clothes that I do put on them.

Sometimes when Abby gets hungry, she will suck on her brother or sister's forehead, if she can get to it. It looks like she's trying to make a move on Marie's face here.

This is our reserved parking spot when we go to Papa and Maureen's house. Dad wanted to make sure that the kids felt welcome, and that we would have easy access to the door when toting around 3 car seats.
Our threesome is all swaddled up and cozy in this picture. Look how cute to see Abby and Will touching heads. Marie is kind of hanging out on her own.

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kariyuhas said...

I guess I'll shut up now about the one 19 month old that I am responsible for, right?! You are putting us to shame!