Thursday, August 28, 2008

The nanny diaries

The search for a nanny is on big time! We interviewed one lady last Saturday, and she was wonderful. She was from South America and therefore spoke Spanish. She was also mature, and she had been a pediatric nurse in her country. She had experience working with twins. However, all of that came with a hefty price tag! I just don't think we can afford her.

I thought we might just be clueless about nanny rates so I asked my triplets group what they were paying for their nannies. Most were paying about $5-7/hour less than what our woman had quoted us. I'm all for paying for someone that will take top notch care of our babies, but I don't want to be ripped off.

Anyway, we are continuing our search this week. We had another interview last night with someone I found on CraigsList. She was not so great. She was young, probably around 20, and a single mom. She was VERY chatty, which got on my nerves within 5 minutes of her being here so I can only imagine how much she would grate on my nerves after months of having her around. She told us 2 or 3 times that her baby daddy was "not in the picture." We just didn't get a good vibe from her. She didn't try to hold the babies or interact with them. I don't know, she just wasn't right.

Today, another chick came by, and I liked her. She was probably in her mid-twenties and married. She's from Brazil and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. She's nannied for 2 families with triplets and knows how to feed them simultaneously, how to handle assembly line diaper changing, etc. I also liked that she saw that I had two babies crying, and I was holding Abby while trying to comfort Will, and she asked if she could pick up Will. She did great with him. He just stared up at her with his big eyes. He continues to be a lady's man. She was also much more in the ballpark, pay wise, of what we were thinking. I'm going to have her come back to meet Billy next week. She had to come early today because she had an English class she was taking in the evening. I figured I would pre-screen her. She passed my test.

On Sunday, we have another lady coming by. She is the sister of one of the women in my triplets group. She has nannied for other families, but also spends a lot of time babysitting her triplet nieces and nephew. In fact, when she called me, she had a day off from her nanny job and was babysitting the triplets for her sister. So I already know she has good triplet experience. A couple of the other moms in the group had used her for babysitting and had raved about how wonderful she was with the kids. The only drawback is that she does not speak Spanish. I guess we'll have to decide if that's a deal breaker or not.

My dad said to wait and not hire anyone until he heard from some of his "contacts." He was being all mysterious about him so I asked him who these "contacts" were. He told me to just be patient, because he was "shaking out the bushes" to see what would fall out. I asked if he was shaking Mexican bushes, and he said, "something like that."

My dad has a Mexican guy that he uses for all kinds of odd jobs and recommends him to people. The guy has totally effed up a few projects so I never recommend him to anyone. He put in a fence for my friend, Kristi, and her husband basically had to redo the whole thing. He did some painting at Alice's old house and his guys cut her phone line twice by accident, and then, they didn't have proper ladders to get high on the house so they rigged up some ropes and pulleys and were hanging all over the place. Alice was at work when they did this, and a neighbor of hers called her at the office and said, "I don't know if you were aware of this, but there are several Mexicans dangling all around your house." How embarrassing!

We are hoping to make a decision by the end of next week. Then, we'll probably have the person start with us 1 day/week in early September, leading to 2 days/week the last couple of weeks, and by October, we'll have her up to 3 days/week so I can go to work. I sure hope I regain some brain cells before I return to work or I may be fired the first day! I feel like I've gone retarded since I had these babies. Is it the lack of sleep?

I have a few new pics, but I haven't loaded them on the computer yet. I'll try to do that later. Until then, I'm off to tend to the babies.

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