Sunday, August 3, 2008


I now have a new system that will allow me to keep up with the blog a little better. I hooked up my breast pump right next to the computer so that whenever I pump, I can type. I've always been into multi-tasking. So when you read my blog entries now, think of me hooked up to a torture machine that pulls my nipples in and out to extract milk.

Since I've had a special request, I figured I would write a little about the babies' personalities today. It's so funny to see how their behaviors in utero still exist outside the womb and how much they are each becoming their own little person.

Will is probably the best behaved and most patient. He loves to be held and will just snuggle for hours without getting upset. However, he is the most active. He squirms around like crazy. Just the other morning, we found him in the crib with his feet pushed up on Marie's stomach and his head on Abby's belly. He had squirmed around to that position after we put them all lined up. Billy thinks he was trying to get back into the position he was in when they were inside of me. How does he move so well at this age? I'm afraid he's going to be a little daredevil when he's actually mobile.

Will may also be a prankster. He seems to really like to pee on people when they change him. Sometimes, though, he must get his aim a little off because he has shot himself in the face on several occasions.

When Will was in my belly, we would often see his movements from the outside. I said I felt like he was always moving around his hands. You should see him now. He's constantly moving his hands in front of his face and all around the place.

Abby is incredibly impatient. When she wakes up and wants to eat, she starts to scream. Then, she gets so into having a screaming fit that she can't even see straight to be able to latch on to my breast. She also likes to suck a pacifier and the moment it falls out of her mouth, she screams bloody murder. This is the worst at night because I think she's asleep and content, and I leave her room to go back to sleep. The moment I get back in bed and get comfortable, she screams, and I have to run to her to get the paci in her mouth before she wakes up the neighborhood.

Abby also likes a lot of one-on-one attention. She loves to be held and once she gets used to being in your arms, she does not want to be put down. She's easily spoiled.

Abby always made big movements when she was in my belly, and it often felt like her and Will were fighting each other. Now, she still moves around a good bit, and a couple of times when she has been placed next to Will, they will throw punches at each other.

Marie is sweet and a great sleeper. I always have to wake her to feed her. It's rare that she wakes up on her own to complain about being hungry, but when she eats, she's a little sucking machine. She can definitely put down the breast milk.

Marie was probably the most laid-back baby in utero. She hung out on her side (far right), and I didn't feel her nearly as much as the other two. In life outside the womb, she continues to be chill and fly under the radar.

I'm about to stop pumping for now, but I'll try to get our newest pictures downloaded off the camera at the next pump time. Then, I'll post them the pump time after that.


Jamie said...

Leslie, you're a rock star!! Give those sweet babies a kiss for me and I'll be 'round to see you guys soon!

Teri Z said...

Miss you all! Maybe I can work remotely from the atl FOREVER, so I don't have to be "mystery" aunt!