Wednesday, May 21, 2008

28 weeks ob visit

I went to see my ob yesterday, and everything continues to look the same. Her check of my cervix revealed no changes. The babies hearts were all beating at the rates where they should be. I had gained 4 lbs since last week. We're moving right along.

I asked my doctor about having the babies at 34 versus 35 weeks, because the last time I was there, she had said she thought I would make it to 34 weeks, but I've heard of some triplet moms making it all the way to 35 or 36. I wanted to know if this was a possibility for me.

My ob explained that at 34 weeks, they will probably be pretty well cooked. However, they may still have some problems with sucking, which means they may not be good eaters. Therefore, they would probably stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks to learn how to be good little suckers and once they got to a certain weight, they would come home to us. My ob said that this is usually good for the parents because the nurses at the hospital get the babies on a good eating and sleeping schedule. It also gives parents a couple of weeks to get some sleep and do last minute preparations for the babies' arrival. I like the sound of that.

If I hold them in until 35 or 36 weeks, chances are, they will leave the hospital with us. Then, it's up to us to figure out how to get them on the same schedule. That sounds scary to me.

I've been reading Baby Wise and The Happiest Baby on the Block over the last couple of weeks, but I don't think any amount of reading will prepare me for coming home from the hospital after having a c-section, and dealing with 3 screaming babies around the clock. I think I can let the nurses at Piedmont deal with that for a little while. Is it bad that I'm already thinking of ways I can pawn off the babies on someone? Oh well, I'm over it.

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