Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another night at Piedmont

I've started to make weekly visits to Piedmont now. I started having some cramps on Tuesday night again, and I wrote them off. I fell asleep and thought everything was fine. When I woke up on Wednesday, the cramps were back intermittently. I called my doctor around 11 a.m. to let her know what was going on. I left a message with the nurse explaining my symptoms and hoped that she would just have me come in to her office to be monitored. I was sadly mistaken.

My friend, Becky, came over to have lunch me with me around 1. She brought me a yummy tofu burrito. She also had her adorable daughter, Rowan, with her. While we ate lunch and chatted, she put Rowan on a blanket on the floor. I was amazed that Winnie didn't pay her more attention. Sure, she gave her some serious licks at first, but she got over it. I think she was more intrigued by our burritos-her appetite always wins over anything else.

Becky took Winnie out for a walk for me, and I got to hold Rowan. She was all smiles and giggles-too cute! While Becky was outside, my doctor called me back and told me to report to Piedmont Hospital again. When Becky came in, I had to ask for another favor...a ride to the hospital.

Becky was amazing, she not only took me to the hospital, but she also came in and spent more than an hour with me there. Thanks, Becky! Billy had an appointment with our realtor that afternoon, and I wanted him looking at houses more than I wanted him looking at me or watching tv next to me at the hospital. It's crunch time! These babies are now reminding us weekly that they want to come out. Billy came later that night to be with me.

When they hooked me up to the contraction monitor, they saw that I was indeed contracting again and so they started up the awful Trebutaline. The nurse explained that the contractions were how my uterus prepares to push the babies out. She said that the more practice it was getting, the more likely it was to think it was "go time" and try to signal to the babies that they were getting their eviction notices. Their rent is all paid up through June so they might as well stick around. After all, they have a fully furnished womb, not to mention all meals are being provided. They would be stupid to give it all up.

The contractions continued through the night so I had to get the Terbutaline shots twice more. They had also given me an Ambien so I slept through most of the side effects. However, in the morning, they started the oral Terbutaline, and that was a killer. I had terrible hot flashes, my heart was racing out of my chest, felt queasy, and I was incredibly restless. When you are on bedrest, restless is the last thing you want to feel. Since I only had bathroom privileges, I just kept drinking water so that I could go back and forth to the bathroom. It made me feel less antsy.

I'll continue my entry tomorrow. There's more to tell, but it's after 10 p.m., and I want to get to sleep. I'm wiped out from all of the time I've spent in a hospital bed and wheelchair today. All of this resting is exhausting!

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