Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Name Game

As many of you know, we've had names picked out for a while now. Leslie has been gently reminding me for some time to post them and "officially" announce them. (By the way, this is Billy writing - my first post). Not that I'm ever one to drag my feet. Things have just been so busy that I've either forgotten or figured Leslie was doing such a good job with the blog, and I didn't want to taint it. Or both. Or me just dragging my feet.

So, first I'll take this opportunity to give Leslie kudos for the job she's done writing this as a means of keeping everyone simultaneously updated and entertained. I know a lot of people have been enjoying it, myself included.

Second, she has been and continues to be amazing through this pregnancy. I realize you know that already, but it bears repeating. I like to think I have a unique perspective, and I'm constantly amazed. As Leslie likes to say, she's really good at "cookin' these babies."

Finally...the point of this whole post. Names. I think we were both surprised how easily these came to us. We had a few "boxes to check," which made things a little easier, but even still, there didn't seem to be much deliberation or argument. So here they are:

Abigail Eileen (previously known as "Baby A"): We'll be calling her Abby. Wish I could tell you where this name came from, but we have no idea. We just went through a list one day, and we both really like it. That's it. Eileen, however, was my mother's name.

Marie Liane (baby B): Marie is Leslie's middle name, and we both like it. Liane comes from Leslie's wonderful and sometimes untidy younger sister.

William Roland (baby C): We'll be calling him Will. We were able to give props to both of the grandpas here. My dad is William, Sr. and Roland is a derivative of Leslie's dad, Rolando.

So there you have it. Abby, Marie, and Will. Coming soon to terrorize a household near you!

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Cheek said...

Great names, Billy. And, just so I can get my schedule figured out, how soon are babies allowed to start fielding ground balls? Is six months too early? I imagine that we can start live B.P. with Will sometime around month 12.