Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Out of control contractions

My little pump had been controlling my contractions well until today. When I monitored first thing this morning, I had 6 contractions in an hour. My upper limit is 4/hour. I had to get jacked up on more terb and monitor again. The next hour, I had 12 contractions! Again, more terb got pumped into my system, and after another period of monitoring, I was at 9 contractions.

My nurse called me and told me to report to the hospital. I was thinking that I didn't want to deal with another night there. Luckily, I already was scheduled to go to the ob today at 2 so I asked if it was okay for me just to go to my regular appointment. The nurse gave me clearance for that.

My ob checked my cervix, and it was still closed. I wasn't feeling any of my contractions so she figured I was safe to go back home on an increased rate of the terb. I hate that stuff, but if it keeps me out of the hospital, I can deal with it.

The ob said that she would be very impressed with me if I was pregnant with twins and holding up this well at this point, but the fact that I'm having triples amazes her. She called me a "rock star" and said she was optimistic that I would make it 34 weeks. I can't make babies, but I sure can cook them!

By the way, my weight was up to nearly 155 lbs, which brings my total gain to about 31 lbs. I'm supposed to be gaining about 2 lbs per week now. My belly measurement indicated that I would be past due with one baby in there. You can imagine how uncomfortable the next few weeks are going to be for me.

My thank you shout out this week goes to Lori. She came by yesterday and brought me lunch, some good company, and walked Winnie for me. Lori actually said that Winnie was good on the leash, but I had to put this in perspective because Lori has a yellow lab, Jim, that is actually bigger than Winnie. She is used to dealing with gigantic, half-crazy animals.

Another shout out to Mems and Bill for doing our laundry this week and delivering it back to us. They also treated me to a cleaning lady for Mother's Day. This lady worked her butt off at our place yesterday. Who knew you could clean a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo for 5 1/2 hours?

Update on our housing situation: We still have nothing! The contract that we thought was going to fall through at the house we liked didn't fall through. They ended up working everything out at 10 last night. Their deadline was 12. Can you believe our terrible luck?

Vivian is freaking out and wants us to move into her house. She is talking about setting up a nursery upstairs and converting her guest room into our room. We aren't homeless! If we don't find a place, we'll have to build a crib in the condo and put those babies in it. We'll find a way. I just don't want to rush into a house and end up not liking it in a few months. It's going to be hard enough having 3 newborns, and I don't want to be living in a house I hate on top of that.

Alice said she would take a couple of the babies and Vivian could take Winnie to alleviate the stress. Then, Vivian said she would rather have all 3 babies than just taking one Winnie. Poor Winnie! Why is she not loved? She loves everyone...she just tends to overdo it with all the love. I put a picture of her little face on this entry so everyone could see how cute she is.

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