Saturday, May 10, 2008

The babies are growing and we still need a house

I was supposed to have my regular appointment with my perinatalogist on Friday, but since I was in the hospital, and her office is there, my ob wanted me to see her on Thursday before I was released. They wanted to make sure there were no cervical changes before sending me home.

They took all of the usual baby measurements. Babies A & B were 2 lbs 2 ounces, and Baby C was 2 lbs 3 ounces. They showed us their growth on a growth chart, and we were able to see that they were right on track. The perinatologist told us that if they were any bigger, it might send me into labor too soon, but if they were any smaller, we would have to play catch up to get them where they need to be by the finish line. They were just right!

Unfortunately, Will's brain fluid levels were elevated again, but just back to the high end of normal. I'm not going to worry about it too much. It just keeps going back and forth, and the amnio said that nothing was wrong. He's just trying to get attention.

Billy's house hunt this past week was again fruitless. He saw a bunch of houses that he did not like or that would not work for our circumstances. However, the agent from the first house we liked and put an offer on called our agent to see if we had found a house yet. Apparently, the owners are now starting to get a little more desperate. Therefore, Billy and I decided we would go for that one again. We upped our final offer a little and submitted it to them. They have until tonight at 6 to let us know. I hope this works!

If that house does not work out, we have a backup plan. There was another house we saw that went under contract quickly, but the contract has now fallen through so there is an opportunity for us to swoop in and steal it away. The house itself and yard are perfect for us. Billy and I are not crazy about the neighborhood, though. It's not that it's bad, but it's just very cookie-cutter, and neither one of us is really into that style.

We talked about it and decided that we have to be willing to compromise on certain things we want in a house versus what it is we really need at this point. We know we need a good backyard for Winnie and the kids eventually. We need a location that is close to my family, since they will be helping with the babies. We also know we need a floor plan that will accommodate a live-in nanny. We would prefer a finished basement with a bedroom and bathroom down there for her. We need a good sized master bedroom with closet space. We need a good elementary school because we don't think that we'll be able to foot the bill for the trips to go to a private school. I want a kitchen that is open to the family room and preferably updated. He wants a garage. The house meets all the needs and wants on our list, even though the hood isn't ideal for us. We have figured out that you really can't have it all, unless you have a ton of money. Maybe one day we'll strike it rich!

I think you are up to speed on everything now. I just want to send out some thanks to Kristi for delivering dinner to us last night! We enjoyed it. I finally ate some chicken for the first time in months. Billy was very proud of me.

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