Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Dangerous" pants situation

Is this entirely too early for me to be busting out of my pants? Almost everything I have is a perfect fit for me, and if I gain a few pounds, I feel things tightening up. I'm now only a little over 5 weeks along, and I couldn't get a pair of grey trousers buttoned up on Monday. I had to rig up the button with a rubber band and then safety pin the top of the pants so the tab wouldn't stick out.

I showed Billy my fancy system, and he said it looked "dangerous." He feared that some time during the day I would end up with my pants around my ankles, but it all held up okay. I guess it's time for some stretchy clothes. I have a couple of friends that have offered up some pieces so I'll start collecting a new wardrobe this week.

I currently wear my workout clothes as soon as I get home. My neighbors must see me dressed to exercise everyday when I'm walking around with Winnie and wonder why I look like I'm always being active but seem to be packing on pounds. They'll figure it out when I show for real.

I took my nap today around 1:30-2:30, which worked out better than the late afternoon nap. My stinkin' job really interferes with my nap schedule some days. Today, I "worked from home" in the afternoon, which gave me the flexibility to get my snooze time done earlier. I didn't feel quite so much like I was dragging the rest of the evening.

Today, for the first time, my appetite has diminished. Some things that I typically really like just don't sound as appealing to me anymore. I'm afraid that the next step is that I may start getting sick. Yuck.

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