Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A little scare

This morning when I woke up, I went the bathroom for my morning pee-pee. Well, I looked down at the toilet and noticed that my urine had a reddish tint. I wiped and saw blood on the toilet paper. Of course, I went into freak out mode. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should wake up Billy, call the doctor, and/or start crying. I opted to wake up Billy and call the doctor's office. It was before regular business hours so I had to use the paging service, and they called me right back.

The nurse who called said that if anything was going wrong with the pregnancy there was nothing they could really do about it at this stage. That wasn't very comforting. She told me to call back my nurse at 8:30 and check to see if she wanted me to repeat my blood work. Well, I called my nurse, and she told me to come back into the office, and they would check my HCG today, instead of Friday so that's what I did.

As the day progressed, I didn't have any more bleeding, and I didn't have any cramps so I started feeling better about the situation. My nurse called me around 2:30 with the results of my blood work, and my HCG was up to 21,169, which meant everything was fine. She went ahead and scheduled my ultrasound for next Wednesday! We'll get to see what is going on in there then. I can hardly wait!

Billy said this morning that this is probably the first of many little scares that we are going to experience throughout the pregnancy. I think he's right, but I hope he's not. I wish the rest of the time would go by without any scares. I want things to be just perfect. That's probably too much to hope for right now.

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kmehawkeye said...

Great advice from Billy but still is scary when something like that happens. I can't wait to hear the news on Wednesday! No matter how many people tell you they bled early on, it will ALWAYS be terrifying when you do. Think positive and know we are thinking about you both right now!- kate