Saturday, December 22, 2007

The sexes revealed

We had dinner with Mems for her birthday tonight and surprised her with the sexes of our babies. Kate, great idea in the comments to get her different colored bibs. That's just what I did as you can see from the picture. She was so excited! We gave her the 2 pink bibs first, and just when she was getting worried we were going to have a house full of drama with 3 girls, she opened the last bib, which was blue. It was a great surprise for her. She had us take this picture because she had so many friends and family members calling and e-mailing her begging to know the sexes. She is going to send the picture out to everyone.

At dinner at Scalini's, I ate more than I have in a week. I had 2 pieces of bread, a bit of salad, several bites of spaghetti with marinara, and just a couple bites of my chicken and eggplant. It's a good start. I felt stuffed beyond belief after that, but I figure every little bit counts.

It's already 10:15 so I must head off to dreamland. I just wanted you all to know the information since it's now public knowledge. In my next entry, I'll have to write about how each person we talked to about the triplets reacted when they heard the news. Some of the old Cuban ladies in my family have been hilarious!

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The Beach Lady said...

You guys gave me such a great birthday - couldn't have been more fun. The bibs are hanging on the fireplace until the little ones come out and play. Thanks for a wonderful day. I've gotten a few calls and several have already checked the website since I didn't call them last night. They are excited. My sisters are "really" excited over all of this. Keep up the good work. You look terrific. Can't wait until they start moving around. That should be interesting for you. Love to you and Billy.