Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I DO want to know

I do want to know because it's POSITIVE! We got our bigs news today. We are having a baby or two, or three! We are thrilled.

I'm going to post the whole story later tonight, but I'm hosting book club in a few hours, and I haven't done much prep because I've been on the phone for hours. I need to get ready for that, but I'll get up a late night post about how we found out, when, etc.

I've attached a little picture as a teaser for the story.


Amanda said...

HOORAY!!!!! This is the BEST news I've heard all year, all decade, in fact, BEST NEWS EVER! I can't wait to see your belly grow and especially can't wait to see how many little ones are in there!!!

Jamie said...

Couldn't be happier for you both!! Big congrats!

lori said...

WE ARE SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! Can't wait for your dish babies to meet our dish baby!!!!! Wahoo for modern medicine :-)

tonya said...

I am beyond excited for you! I said a prayer last night and another one this morning. You must be over the moon!!!!!!!!
Also, don't freak if you do not get sick. I also wanted to be sick so I would know for sure I was pregnant, but it never happened. Everyone said I should be greatful, but I just wanted to puke once or twice! I hope you have a perfect pregnancy and I just know everything is going to work out from now on!


Rachel said...

AWESOME!!! I thought I would check the blog to read your latest story b/c I knew that Amanda had told me that you should be finding out soon. I am so excited for you and Billy! This has been a long time coming. I will continue to check your blog for updates. I hope its twin boys!