Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Does this estrogen make my butt look big?

Yesterday, after increasing my dose of estrogen by another 2 mg per day, which brings me up to a total of 6 mg orally and 4 mg vaginally if you are keeping track, I was feeling it. I went over to Alice's to take some dinner to Liane, and ended up helping her with Cooper and Carley's dinners and bath times. I couldn't even button up my pants by the end of the evening, and I had on my "fat jeans." This is becoming very problematic. My work pants are creeping very far into my butt crack, which leads to believe that my butt is also expanding. Why does it always have to be my ass? Couldn't I gain some weight in my chest, just for once? It's not fair!

Liane also said she was feeling a bit more fullness in her ovaries last night and today. This morning, she was up to 14 follicles. The are all still in the 1.3 cm range, but she keeps making more. The nurse said that egg retrieval may not happen until Monday because they need more time for the smaller ones to mature. This would totally suck because Jason is coming to town on Friday, and he's planning on driving back with her Sunday because the original projected retrieval date was Saturday. If she has to stay an extra day, I'm going to have to foot the bill for her and kids to fly back to Jacksonville the week of Thanksgiving. That is not going to be pretty.

I babysat Cooper and Carley today for a while. Carley was chasing Cooper outside and wiped out. She had a huge knot on her forehead when Liane got home. I'm going to be a terrible mom. Shit. If I can't keep up with two of them, will I be able to deal with three?

I can't even deal with my freakin' dog! When I got home today, she had eaten an entire loaf of wheat bread, including the bag, about 10 mini bagels, and 2 bananas. She is an eating machine. Let's add that to the tub of croissants she ate earlier this week, along with a bag of flat bread, and 2 large apple turnovers. She sure likes to carb load. Too bad she's not training for a marathon. All of my groceries are now becoming Winnie's dog crap.

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