Friday, November 16, 2007

Exchanging Eggs for Babysitting

I got behind yesterday and didn't post. Sorry folks...didn't mean to let down my loyal readers. I'll try to get you up to speed today with everything. There just wasn't much to tell yesterday because nothing had really changed. Liane had 20 follicles, but they were not growing very quickly so they are still projecting a Monday egg retrieval. Not too exciting. Liane told the nurse she felt like her ovaries were letting her down. She wanted them to grow the follicles quickly so that she could leave town with Jason on Sunday. It looks like that is now an unreasonable timeline. This whole process has taught me so much about patience and letting go of control.

I guess I've gotten behind because the last couple of days have been action-packed with babysitting responsibilities. I have been watching Cooper and Carley in the mornings when Liane goes to the doctor the last 3 mornings. She also takes advantage of the babysitting time to visit preschools that they may attend next fall once they move to ATL.

On Wednesday night, I was setting my alarm for Thursday, and Billy asked why I was getting up early when I wasn't going into the office. I told him I was babysitting. He was like, "Again? You babysit all the time for Liane." My response was, "Well, she is giving us eggs. I think it's only fair to take care of her monsters in exchange." He thought I had a pretty good point with that one.

My dad and I have taken Cooper and Carley to McDonald's the last two mornings to let them play on the indoor playground there, since we have had a chilly couple of mornings. Cooper calls it "Old McDonald's." Today, both Cooper and Carley unleashed some serious poopy diapers while we were there. Cooper was first, and I let my dad change him, and just when I thought I was safe, Carley started stinking up the place, and I had to take my turn doing the walk of shame to the corner with a kid that had a loaded diaper. Luckily, there weren't many people around so I just changed her in the corner on a bench by the play set. Nobody was close by to have their appetites thoroughly ruined.

I have to watch the kids again tonight when Liane and Jason go out to dinner. Billy is going to help me out this time. I may run a little late getting there so I asked Billy if he could get there before me and cover the first 30 minutes on his own. He said he would not change any crap-filled diapers. Even though he can probably go 30 minutes without doing it this time, eventually, he's going to have to figure it out. That should be very interesting.

Okay, I'll get another couple of entries in over the weekend once we have further updates.

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