Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have a lovely uterus

I think it's funny when the doctors and nurses use words like "lovely" to describe my uterus. Can it really be lovely? On the little black and white ultrasound picture they showed me of my uterus, I would never use the word "lovely" to describe it. However, if they think it's lovely, who am I to criticize? Maybe they've seen some really ugly uteruses in their time, and in comparison, mine is just beautiful. If only a pretty uterus meant you would be able to have a baby...

At my visit this morning, they checked out my lovely uterus, using the not-so-lovely vaginal prod. They like for an egg recipient's uterine/endometrial lining to measure around 7 (is that cm?-I don't know for sure) at this point of the cycle. Mine was at 10.8. Looking good so far. I guess all of my estrogen is paying off. It's making my butt and my uterus fat.

Liane was there also, and she had 19 follicles today. The "lead follicles," which are the biggest ones, were measuring around 1.5 cm today. The nurse thinks she'll be on track for a Monday retrieval, but the doctor said she would guess Sunday. Liane is hoping for Sunday. The doctor believes that based on the current follicle count, we should have about 10-12 mature eggs at retrieval. That's a good number. Bring on the Zeigler triplets! Just kidding, Billy, if you are reading this...(but not really).

Update on Winnie's carb loading: After posting my blog last night, I discovered several bagels in strategic locations around our home. There was one tucked under a sofa pillow, another lodged between the cushion and the arm chair of our loveseat, and another tucked safely away in our bed. Apparently, Winnie was saving some of her carbs for today, but I ruined her plans. She has been a crapping maniac all day. I hope this stuff all works its way out of her system. I'm just glad it's not the 'rhea.

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