Thursday, November 8, 2007

The filth never ends

I watched Cooper and Carley today all afternoon while Liane's new house was being inspected. They stay in the apartment at Alice's when they come to town. That place smells like a diaper full of poop from the moment they arrive.

When Liane got home, it was time for her to take her Follistim shot. That is the medicine that stimulates her ovaries to over-produce eggs. She said that the first couple of times she took the shot, she didn't have any alcohol, so she didn't clean the site or anything before injecting herself. She still didn't have any alcohol, which costs about 99 cents at the grocery store, and she was using hand sanitizer to just clean off the area before the shot. I'm so scared. She is the type of person who would end up with a raging infection at the injection site because of this. I think she may come down with that new staph infection, MRSA.

I told her I would see her tomorrow with a box full of alcohol swabs. How can one person be so dirty? I just don't get it. What if her eggs are dirty? I may have children that are like Pig-pen from Peanuts. They'll just have a cloud of filth that follows them around. They'll ask me, "Why am I so dirty, mommy?" and I'll have to say, "We got you from a dirty place, your Aunt Liane's ovaries."

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