Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm a junkie

I met Kristi this morning for a run, and I felt terrible from the get-go. The pain in my butt is terrible when I run from the 3 progesterone injections I've had so far. I figured I could deal with that, but then I got so tired after about a mile that I had to stop and walk. Keep in mind that last Saturday, I ran 8 miles with no problem. I started wondering what the heck was different, and I realized I've had some changes in my medications. Here is what I am currently taking:

1 baby aspirin daily
2 estrace (2 mg) daily orally plus 2 estrace (2 mg) daily vaginally (Just to recap some side effects: booby swelling-which isn't so bad. Billy told me yesterday that my boobs looked bigger. My prayers are being answered late in life. On the flip side, they hurt a lot. It's such a cruel joke. In addition, weight gain and bloating are side effects, and I'm feeling those, big time. I'm afraid to step on a scale, but my pants dig into my waist everyday so I know it won't be pretty to see the number on the scale. I need some stretchy clothes, but I'm too proud. I'll break down if I get pregnant but until then, damn it, I'll wear my normal clothes and be incredibly uncomfortable.)
1 prenatal vitamin daily
.05 cc Lupron daily (Injection in my belly. The last one will be Friday morning. I just have to keep suppressing my own ovaries until then.)
1 Medrol daily (This is a type of steroid. It's often used when people get bone marrow transplants for their bodies not to reject the marrow. The idea is for my body not to reject the embryos that will be put in on Saturday. The side effects are increased appetite, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and muscle weakness.)
2 Doxycycline daily (This is an antibiotic to make sure I don't get an infection when the embryos are transferred in and to ensure that I get rid of any infections that I might not even know I have. Some of the side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and yeast infections.)
1 cc Progesterone daily (This is the butt injection. During the second phase of your menstrual cycle, your ovaries make progesterone, and they continue to do so if you get pregnant through the first 8 weeks of a pregnancy. However, my ovaries have been suppressed with Lupron and therefore, they are a bit confused as to how to proceed. They are being told to not do anything because I don't want the eggs, but then they think no eggs=no pregnancy. However, for this cycle we want no eggs = pregnancy. Therefore, we have to trick my body by replacing the hormones normally produced by my ovaries-estrogen and progesterone. Without enough progesterone, embryo(s) may not survive. After the 8th week the placenta becomes a major source of progesterone and the ovarian hormones are no longer needed. However, with ivf, the standard protocol is to continue progesterone supplementation through the first trimester, just to be safe. If I get pregnant, my butt is going to be so sore after 3 1/2 months worth of shots. Besides a pain in the hiney, the other side effects include headaches, breast tenderness, diarrhea, vaginal discharge, and problems with urination.)

When I was at Liane's house yesterday, I pulled out my enormous bag of medicine in the morning to take everything with my breakfast. My dad saw me getting it out, and he asked what all that was. I told him they were all the medicines I had to take everyday. He said, "You are like a junkie with all that stuff." Yeah, I guess I'm a hormone junkie. I sure wish all this stuff got me high, instead of sore boobies, pains in my butt, confused ovaries, and fat. Oh well.

We're off to take Winnie for a walk. I'm update you all tomorrow on things. I need to explain the embryo transfer process next time.

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